new etsy shop!

Hurray! At long last my Etsy shop is ready for business. I will be selling vintage and antique items, and occasionally handmade crafts.

The first items I posted are a beautiful Edwardian tea dress and a new wide-brimmed hat (that I tea stained the ribbons of). I wore them both for a garden party I hosted for Coop's birthday in January.
I'm sad to see them go, but they've had they're time with me and are ready for a new home. :)

My shop is called "the waltz" and the address is:

Hope you like it - I know I'm pumped!


Eli said...

Ah, your shop is so cute! Your Spanx admission made me smile.

Can't wait to see your shop grow!

mariel4985 said...

haha thanks! i'm all about full-disclosure. :]

you should open a photography shop - it's really easy to set-up! it might take a year for anything to sell (i'm prepared for the possibility), but it's kinda nice to have it out there in the world.