Texts from Last Night

This website is incredible. It's where people post ridiculous texts they have received.

A sampling:

"You always know who the new freshman are on fb because theyre always wearing prom dresses."

"8th day he invented the big mac, 9th he invented pop rocks, 10th day boobs."

"(650): dude, i just saw a bobcat while i was rollerblading this morning.
(805): 1: dont ever text someone @ 8am on sat. 2: dont ever admit to rollerblading past 1992. "


Eli said...

whewwww, some gems on there.

(203): it tastes like there's a party in my mouth and everyone is throwing up

mariel4985 said...

oh man, i got sucked into a major TFLN rabbit hole last week. i think i got 20 pages deep - not really sure how i got myself to stop.