have a good weekend

And enjoy the last days of August. :)

* image from Jacob...K


al fresco

Wow, guess Summer heard my last post loud and clear. So deliciously hot! Tonight is perfect weather for some al fresco sangria and tapas downtown. Love you, San Diego.

*image from Jacob...K


hey, you

...summer! Where do think you're going? What's this cloudiness, m'am? We've got at least another month together, ok? Ok.

*image from Audrey1.com


spray painting tips for the un-crafty

With all of this apartment decorating, I decided to spray paint a Craigslisted coffee table to go with the color scheme. Let's just say I had a few mishaps. What have I learned?

1. Sand the surface of the furniture before you spray paint it, and then wipe off the dust with moist towelettes. If you don't do any sanding, the paint is not going to stick very well. It's so tempting to skip this step, but please don't! Ack.

2. For anything the size of a chair or larger, have 2 cans of spray paint on hand - you're going to need it.

3. Only leave your furniture outside to dry on days with low humidity. On a moist night...watch out. Major crackle-ness.

3. Use some type of sealant like polyurethane after your paint has dried (
it keep the paint looking good over time). I've heard good things about Wipe On Poly - it's super quick to apply and gets the job done.

My craft job is botched...but yours doesn't have to be. :p Best of luck!


craft love

Just celebrated my 1 year anniversary over the weekend - blows me away how quick the time went. As part of my gift, I have been putting together a photo album of the year (from July 4th to July 4th), since it bums me out no one bothers to make prints anymore. I did the front page's words in needlepoint, and then I busted out the color pencils for some illustrations.

For some reason, it was established that our animal counterparts were a fox and a mink, so I ran with that. His fox turned out kind of girly, and my mink turned out kind of masculine, but oh well! Here's to a great year!



Seeing as the decor in my bedroom hasn't really changed in...oh, 15 years...it was time for some changes.

First, I switched out the vanity I'd had since I was 4 with this baby blue art deco vanity from the 30s. The panels swing out and originally were draped with fabric and used as coverage for the ladies who wanted to be modest. :)

I also got the large painting below - I love how up-close and honest the portrait is. Hard to tell from my crappy cell phone picture, but the colors are very vibrant. The original frame was this out of place Baroque thing that stole too much
attention from the painting, so I took it off and left the bare canvas. My mom hates the painting, but I love it. So he's staying. :)