craft love

Just celebrated my 1 year anniversary over the weekend - blows me away how quick the time went. As part of my gift, I have been putting together a photo album of the year (from July 4th to July 4th), since it bums me out no one bothers to make prints anymore. I did the front page's words in needlepoint, and then I busted out the color pencils for some illustrations.

For some reason, it was established that our animal counterparts were a fox and a mink, so I ran with that. His fox turned out kind of girly, and my mink turned out kind of masculine, but oh well! Here's to a great year!


Eli said...

Hee hee! You're too cute, I love it! Needlepoint? Minks and foxes? Amazing, lady. :)

mariel4985 said...

Ha, thanks! :]
I'm such a nerd, but man...so much fun to make.