spray painting tips for the un-crafty

With all of this apartment decorating, I decided to spray paint a Craigslisted coffee table to go with the color scheme. Let's just say I had a few mishaps. What have I learned?

1. Sand the surface of the furniture before you spray paint it, and then wipe off the dust with moist towelettes. If you don't do any sanding, the paint is not going to stick very well. It's so tempting to skip this step, but please don't! Ack.

2. For anything the size of a chair or larger, have 2 cans of spray paint on hand - you're going to need it.

3. Only leave your furniture outside to dry on days with low humidity. On a moist night...watch out. Major crackle-ness.

3. Use some type of sealant like polyurethane after your paint has dried (
it keep the paint looking good over time). I've heard good things about Wipe On Poly - it's super quick to apply and gets the job done.

My craft job is botched...but yours doesn't have to be. :p Best of luck!

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