Honest Foods: the Musical

As some of you may know, my friends and I have been working on a video for Honest Foods (the company I do marketing for) for quite a while now. It all began when my boss suggested we make a video for YouTube - something to get the word out about us. I honestly had no idea what would be remotely appealing to people, so I just decided to do what I love most: singing and dancing.

Well...2 years and $150 later I'm proud to say our video is done! So if you could please give it a look, post about it, leave a comment and/or rate the video, we'd be much obliged! Thank you so much for all of your support! :)



Mary S. said...

Very cute. I love the dance scene on the stage and that guys outfit!! Good job!! Where can I get some of these honest foods whole foods bars?!

mariel4985 said...

yay, I'm glad you liked it! We're sold at retailers like Whole Foods Market and the Nordstrom espresso bars. And we're always available for purchase online here: http://store.honest-foods.com

Thanks, Mary! :)

Jill said...

you guys are so cute! looks like fun. will look for the product at whole foods next time i go :)

mariel4985 said...

Thanks, Jill! It *was* a lot of fun! :)

Eli said...

Such a cute video, very well done and of course, you look fantastic. :) Aaand now I'm hungry.

mariel4985 said...

heh, thanks, Erin. :) You've still gotta try our bars n stuff!