lazy sunday

I've been a bad photographer and haven't been practicing at all lately, so I made a point to go out and shoot on Sunday. Didn't really get anything I loved (not as fun if there are no friends to photograph), but the act of getting out there is important in itself. And generally it felt great to get outdoors and pick some herbs and lemons from our garden. I love fresh rosemary!


jocelyn said...

what kind of camera did you use? these are beautiful. :)

sukun said...
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sukun said...

well you might not be a good photographer- but then how do you explain theeese? love this light -it's a sunday afternoon light, like anything else!

(oups, deleted previous comment)

mariel4985 said...

Oh oops, just realized there were comments here! :)

Jocelyn - thank you much! I used a Lomo L-CA+ for these. :)

Sukun - gracias! Thank you for stopping by!