happy holidays

Even though I'm still working tomorrow, I wanted to say happy holidays to those of you who will be away from their computers for the rest of the week. I wish you plenty of good cheer, happy memories, warmth, & relaxation! :)

*image from Jim Barraud



Oh dear, this week before x-mas = nuts. Too much going on! What say we all save an evening this week for a cup of tea, quiet contemplation, and painting our nails? :)

*image from kaitlynmeanspure



Had a fun little crafty Saturday with my two girl friends - we made these snowflakes. We were actually attempting to make some last week but our folding was all wrong, so I was very thankful that Design*Sponge read my mind and posted that project. We ended up ditching doilies for silver tissue paper though - it was just much easier to cut and ended up looking wintery and airy.

BTW, just bought a new Fuji Instax Mini and it is the cutest lil camera - I can't wait to take it to Palm Springs! My first picture with it is this shot of one of my snowflakes in the window. :)


palm springs

I'm headed to Palm Springs soon and can't wait to relax for a little while. If anyone has any recommendations for things to do I'm all ears!

*image from danske


a little light

How rockin' is this conservatory from the home of Alexis & Trevor Traina? The rest of the house is pretty glamorous (see: too much for my cozy tastes), but this? This I could make an exception for. You can check out the rest of their home here.



Dear, oh, dear. I've got the holiday spirit bad. I don't think I'm the only one either - this economic & political climate has a lot of us grasping for something jolly and festive, no? My mom put up Christmas lights before Thanksgiving for goodness sakes!

Playing 15th century Christmas carols at my desk every day is probably a little overkill, but I'll take my kicks where I can get 'em.