Had a fun little crafty Saturday with my two girl friends - we made these snowflakes. We were actually attempting to make some last week but our folding was all wrong, so I was very thankful that Design*Sponge read my mind and posted that project. We ended up ditching doilies for silver tissue paper though - it was just much easier to cut and ended up looking wintery and airy.

BTW, just bought a new Fuji Instax Mini and it is the cutest lil camera - I can't wait to take it to Palm Springs! My first picture with it is this shot of one of my snowflakes in the window. :)


sukun said...

nice snowflakes. I'm in Italy for Christmas break and I am under a snow storm... the full white christmas cliche'.. looking forward to see what else can your miniinstant do.

mariel4985 said...

yeah, me too! so far, I'm loving the Mini - I wish my scanner was able to do the film justice. Sadness!

Enjoy Italy. :)