shall we dance?

Just watched Shall We Dance? for the hundreth time, and I must say, I always get googly eyes for Ginger Roger's dress in the "They All Laughed" number. The sun-like pattern is so stunning and vibrant on film - I always forget I'm watching a movie in black and white!

As with all of her dance dresses, the design of the piece is not only beautiful, but moves beautifully as well. The choreography just
wouldn't be the same without Ginger's skirt floating around in that dreamy way. :)

*images from here

morning air

I've started taking little 10 minute walks around the neighborhood in the morning, and wow! Amazing what a little fresh, dewy air can do to brighten up your whole day. Why in the world didn't I start doing this before?


orange happiness

Had a really tasty sparkling wine yesterday called Amour De L’Orange! It's from a local winery in Temecula called Wiens Family Cellars. A sparkling chardonnay with a hint of sweet orange, Amour would be a great brunch wine or toasting wine for brides. You can order it directly from Wiens here.

*Gigi image from Woman Around Town



I think I'm finally going to see The Informant this weekend and have dinner with the boy's lovely parents. Doesn't hurt that his dad is an incredible cook! Oh, and that they have an awesome wine cellar. :)

Hope you have a relaxing weekend!


state bird & flower

Enjoying the state prints from dutch door press. :) nice, subtle way to give a shout out to where you're from in your home.

{via Oh Joy!}

I know it's still the work week and I'm not supposed to have any fun, but dang it...I want to go outside and have a picnic & some wine tonight. :) Gotta enjoy the light while I can - starting to get darker earlier!


Think I get to go to Northern California this week for business - sure hope I have time to take some pictures. :)

*images by Franco Folini & Kathryn in SF


mariachi el bronx

What happens when a punk band from LA goes mariachi? You get Mariachi El Bronx. Take a listen. I'm in love.

*image from shockhound


tennis shoes

Been debating on whether to get a pair of Bensimons for fall or Tom's shoes new Cordones. I own a pair of converse, but that's the extent of it.

I still love the Bensimons, but the slim fit and arch support of the Tom's win in the end. Plus, the gray is nice & versatile for fall.

Autumn, I'm ready for you now. :)



Went to a friend's wedding last weekend and oh, what fun! The Antoine tie from fieldguided looked spiffy on Coop. Anabela is always wonderful to order from; she puts so much care into what she sends you. :)

* Pics by Miller
& JJ



I think we're all due for a relaxing weekend full of giant fish, don't you?

*image from Jacob...K


currently obsessing

...over this accompanying music video to 500 Days of Summer. I can't stop watching it!


harbor living

More shots from last week...


smokey days

I heard someone say last week that we only have 4 seasons in Southern California: "Winter," Spring, Summer, and Fire. Yikes.

Thankfully San Diego has made it so far with only a few burns here and there (knock on wood), but I am freaked out by the images coming out of LA.

Walking downtown last week I took a shot of the harbor because it seemed so bright and fresh -
the film obviously saw things differently.