Ace Hotel Palm Springs review

Over Christmas, Coop and I stayed at The Ace Hotel in Palm Springs. It was overall an extremely positive experience - the laid-back vibe suited our style perfectly! Food at the diner was really tasty, drinks were fun and yummy, customer service great, the beds were comfy, and the fridge was well-stocked with goodies (as was the rest of the room!). Oh, and the record player and striped robes? Awesome. :)

Only a few things I'd change:

1) Our room's "private" patio with fireplace? Not so private. The second floor can see everything. Bummer.

2) Our fireplace was kind of buggy. Wouldn't turn on first night, and you don't have control over the fire strength. Not enough to stay warm at night in winter.

3) The free bike rentals that come with your stay? The bikes were never available. :( They need to provide enough to suit most guests, or limit the time each guest can use their bike. I think they do the latter, but don't enforce it. As a result, bikes just sat in front of our room unused most of the weekend because some guests had checked them out and never returned them.

A few things to note if you are staying at The Ace:
- Be sure to request a room far away from the public pool. Music starts blaring from the speakers early there and goes until late. Luckily, I knew this going into things, so we requested a quiet room.

- Be sure to check out the vintage photo booth right next to the reception area. So much fun!

Let me reiterate though, we had a great time at The Ace and would definitely go back! I think we'd like to go in the spring or fall though so we can get some quality pool time without getting roasted. :)

Yay vacation!

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