feeling spring-y

It's almost time for my favorite season of the year! It's the one time of year where San Diego's hills are actually green and there are orange poppies spread across the sides of the freeway.

Yay, Spring! I am determined to go to the farmer's market this weekend and grab myself a big, beautiful bouquet of flowers.

*images from fredbaby


more short hair goodness

I know I've already posted about a beautiful short-haired woman, but I couldn't let this image from the latest Toast catalog pass me by without a mention. Fantastico. :)

Few models have short hair, so most of the time I end up sighing over pictures of women with long, lustrous locks...and I wonder why the heck I keep my hair so cropped. But then I see an image like this and my pixie cut engines get all fired up again. Vive la androgynous cut!


Finding some dance inspiration in these lovely photos by Alfred Eisenstaedt from 1936 and 1930, respectively.

*images from orchid thief