Gotta love Italian film actress, Virna Lisi. She has ridiculous sex appeal. Note to self: watch more Italian classics.

*image from myvintagevogue


Just some of my favorite pictures of Audrey by Mark Shaw. I'd really love to buy the book with these images and more!


Oh, local Farmers' Market...your flowers make me so happy. :)


orfila winery picnic

Recently, Coop and I drove to Escondido to do some wine tasting at Orfila. Before getting down to the drinking, we took a walk around the grounds and had a picnic at their park in back.

After so much food and loafing about we ended up being too lazy to do a full tasting, so we just got a glass of their "Lotus." It's a mix of Viognier, Marsanne and Roussane - both of us agreed it was great. It was very smooth and had a lovely hint of buttery vanilla. We couldn't help but bring a bottle home with us. :)


So...out of nowhere I suddenly got it bad for piglets. I am now gradually convincing myself that having one in my suburban San Diego backyard is a good idea.

Can you blame me though? Just look at them! Look. at. them.

*images from Susyr22 & Sharon Montrose

Some love for your day. :)

*images via myvintagelove


let's table this discussion

I know the home of Fitzhugh and Lyndsay of The Brooklyn Home Company has been making the rounds, but I had to re-post this picture. More than anything, I am in love with that hand-carved dining table. The couple made the table together from a fallen beech tree, for goodness sakes! How more legit could that be?

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Feel like lying in a big, green, windswept field today. The grass in my backyard will have to do! :)

*images from pazza ma... and Federico Erra