barefoot in the park

Ok, humor me here for a sec... Have you noticed that going barefoot is in vogue all of a sudden? I can't say I'm not a little intrigued. I have really high arches which were great for ballet, but for life...not so much. I've heard some anecdotal accounts that walking barefoot can help high-arched folk with their plantar fasciitis and general foot woes. Since my feet are already pretty battered, a little adventure into the world of naked feet won't hurt, right? 
I know my podiatrist would kill me, but I think I might start with some walks on hardpack sand at the beach, and then maybe get a pair of Vibram FiveFingers if I can get over how scary they look! Anyone have experience with them? Seeing as my boyfriend already hates clogs, I'm sure he'll LOVE my Aquaman kicks. :)


hip hip gin gin said...

I have never tried the five finger shoes, but I've heard several people absolutely rave about them. They supposedly not only help with their foot pain but also knee issues and back pain. Might be worth a try. There was also a news story recently about people who ran the Boston Marathon in these shoes, although I sort of thought that would be painful after a while.

mariel4985 said...

Yeah, I think I might try it out. :) But a marathon in them? Yowza. Mad props to those ambitious folks!