beach day

Summer has finally arrived in Southern California! Yay! I've been checking the weather.com 10-day forecast every day hoping to see a glimmer of sun, but for 2 months we've been covered in gloom.
Last night, however, I finally got to fetch our fans from under the house and turn them on full blast. Ahh, how I love oppressive heat. :)
I'm sure it's going to be an absolute zoo at the beach this weekend, but I don't care. This is happening.
My madre - around my age in Spain in the 70s. :)


As is typical for most starving twenty-somethings, I tell myself I'm going to see a lot more concerts than I actually end up going to. Sad but true.
However, when I heard there was going to be a concert with not one, not two, but THREE of my favorite musical collaborations...well, dang. Time to bite the bullet. Yes folks, this weekend I will be seeing:
She & Him
The Bird & the Bee
The Swell Season
Binoculars? Check.
Wine to smugly drink on our picnic blanket? Check.
Boyfriend to drag along? Yep, totally set.
Let the entertainment commence!


San Fran film - part 2

Ok, so in a nutshell our weekend went like this is SF: 
Friday - arrive. Mission district w/friends
Saturday - Muir Woods and Sausalito, dinner at Millennium
Sunday - sailing on the bay, fireworks at night from the rooftop of a friend of a friend's. :)

A gorgeous, memorable weekend to say the least. Can definitely see myself living up there someday.  
And because I'm a photo fiend, below are more shots from the weekend - these taken with my trusty Lomo LC-A+.

San Fran film - part 1

Finally got a chance to get my film developed - yay! Besides the photobooth picture and hipstamatic shot three pics down, these shots were taken with my Spirit 600 Polaroid. For the record, using a Polaroid on a wet, windy, aggressively rocking sailboat is not recommended...but super fun. :)
Me, Coop & Erin at The Elbo Room in the Mission District
At Millennium, the delicious (!) vegetarian restaurant.
Muir Woods
sailing adventure


Quick update: San Fran was awesome. :) I hope you all had a lovely holiday weekend too!
More pictures to come later this week...


With the 4th of July approaching, I'm thrilled to actually have plans this year! Imagine this: a 41-foot sailboat, sandwiches, beer, happy revelers...all sailing around the San Francisco Bay for hours. Yeah, I'm excited. :)
*images from here and here