beach day

Summer has finally arrived in Southern California! Yay! I've been checking the weather.com 10-day forecast every day hoping to see a glimmer of sun, but for 2 months we've been covered in gloom.
Last night, however, I finally got to fetch our fans from under the house and turn them on full blast. Ahh, how I love oppressive heat. :)
I'm sure it's going to be an absolute zoo at the beach this weekend, but I don't care. This is happening.
My madre - around my age in Spain in the 70s. :)


Olga said...

Your mom's a babe.

...did I just say that??

mariel4985 said...

Right?! I wish she had saved more of her clothes!

Ms. Pink said...

love sd weather!!!! its been a total beach week :)


mariel4985 said...

Wasn't it though? :) Now that the weather's all icky again, I'm glad I went to the beach on Saturday! So beautiful.