CB and I did a bad thing. We'd been booking everything for our Labor Day trip to Santa Barbara to help us relax during our grad school application process...Thursday night, however, I got the sudden and intense need to get outta dodge.

So we canceled all of our resos for SB and escaped off to Palm Springs last Friday night. We ended up staying at a little quiet inn with 8 total rooms. All of the rooms were huddled around a sweet private pool, so we jumped in right when we got there - instant relaxation!
We of course did the requisite Ace Hotel thing on Saturday and baked, grooved, and drank in the sun. Sunday we took the scenic route home and spent the rest of the day chillin. I'd say our lil' getaway was a success. :) We want to go back with friends in October just because it's so easy and cheap if you do it right. I simply refuse to accept that summertime is ending!
*1st image by Michelle Woo, 2nd diptych by Sara Yates Photography


Olga said...

yes! an update!
more of these please. :-D

sounds like a nice trip. slo next time?

mariel4985 said...

Ugh, I know! I suck at maintaining a blog. In contrast, your blog is awesome so far!

Olga said...

yay! i'm glad you're enjoying it. i like it, too, however, i don't have too many readers! help!

hip hip gin gin said...

I'm totally proud of you guys for throwing caution to the wind and going on a spontaneous little trip! I always promise myself that I will do that more often. Sounds like a wonderful time!

mariel4985 said...

haha, I'm proud of us too! I'm the last person to change plans at the last second! :)