Dang. I wish I could sew.
My mom was telling me that when she was younger, she'd simply show her mom a picture of a piece of clothing she liked, and my grandma would whip out a replica within the week. No patterns. I can't sew my way out of a paper bag - with or without patterns - and I'm thinking it's time I learned. :)

*1st & last image from sandritocat, middle image from SewUniqueClassique


hip hip gin gin said...

Sometimes I wish I could sew too, but then I would feel much too guilty to buy lovely things. I would torture myself with the idea that I could replicate it and save. But it really would be nice to be able to make some simple things, especially for the house (as I give my throw pillows a dirty look).

mariel4985 said...

Ha, that's true! I would probably beat myself up for shopping if I was a sewing whiz. Blessing and a curse.

Eli said...

Once you learn, I'm ordering all those designs you posted - so cute!