Before I go up north for the weekend to set up our party, wanted to wish you all a spooky Halloween! May it be filled with chills, scary stories, and plenty of fun!

*image from ThisisToy


Sad to see this weekend go! I got in some major relaxation. Nonetheless, should be a great week with Halloween coming up. Wishing you all a lovely Monday!
My brother's dog, Spot :)
Went apple picking yesterday with CB. :) The weather was nippy, but deliciously autumnal. We ended up snagging a bunch of empires for the caramel apples I'm making for our party this week. They're gonna be frickin delicious...I hope. The apples certainly are. After the orchard, we squeezed in a little nature walk on the other side of town. I always forget how beautiful our local mountains are!


Have a great fall weekend, all! In between working for the weekend, I definitely want to hit up an Oktoberfest or two, or possibly do some apple picking. All I know is I am grabbing myself a piece of this gorgeous season!

*lovely photos from the talented Kevin Russ.

most wonderful time of the year

I am proud to say that my Halloween decorations were hung last night in preparation for this auspicious day...the first of October! Coop and I are throwing a costume party later this month and I am scheming and dreaming more than usual. Can't wait for the carmel apples, pumpkin carving, scary movies, skeletons, cauldrons, scarecrows, and general mischief. Three cheers for the creepiest season of them all!