I always tell myself I'll wear big, beautiful earrings every day, but my reality? Studs. 360 days of the year. So instead of kicking myself for being boring, I've decided to just give myself over to them and diversify my selection. My first purchase? These little guys from Upper Metal Class on Etsy. They'll do nicely I think. :)


hip hip gin gin said...

Those are fabulous! And I'm 100% with you, I adore big earrings but I just can't do it. The swinging drives me batty and if they're the least bit heavy I worry they'll tear my earlobe. It's all studs all the time over here, and I've found that with a large selection I really don't miss dangly earrings.

Kimia Kline said...

ah! these are stunning!!! i always wear studs too--they're my go to :)