I think I'm overdue for a nature outing. Trees and deer and mist mainly. Did you watch the meteor shower last night? I decided to sleep through it, but hopefully next year I can catch it. The last time I stayed up for the Geminids was in high school. My mom drove my two friends and me up to the mountains, and we ended up parking on the side of this desolate road. I remember seeing this man walking down the road toward us - it was so strange to see anyone else in the middle of the night in this deserted place. He walked by us silently and then disappeared down the road like a ghost.

We were all bundled up in our down jackets staring up at the sky, cracking jokes in between streaks of light. I think what made it especially fun was that we had school the next day. Almost as good as playing hooky. :)
*first image via nowness (not sure who photog is), second by the talented Anna Verlet

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