Wishing you a lovely holiday weekend! I'll be doing some last minute shopping, viewing holiday lights, and eating delicious fattening things. :)
*image by the talented Shelby Tanner


Kimia Kline said...

BAH!!! that image is the coolest thing i've seen all season!! I LOVE IT. thank you, what an awesome find.

hip hip gin gin said...

That is such a cute photo! We're getting ready for my parent's arrival this evening, and I am hoping to finally finish my shopping. Cross your fingers for me, it hasn't being going well and we are so down to the wire it is making me break out in hives!

thewaltz said...

Kimia - Thank ya! Good to see ya round these parts. ;)

Em - Best of luck, amiga! I'm sure your parents will love whatever you get. Not to mention, you have impeccable taste!

julie said...

I'm in love with this picture! I saw it on Urban the other day and saved it in my collection :)

Thanks so much for the cute comment and follow! Cute blog, I'll be sure to come back. Happy Holidays!