CB and I have been looking around for places to rent in the next couple months, and the idea of decorating a new place is intimidating but exciting. As tempting as it is to immediately fill a space with stuff, I'm going to try my best to hold back and keep things simple. Cutting down on clutter is never easy, but moving always seems to offer a fresh start. Looking to these photos for some natural, minimalist inspiration.
*images via here, here, and here


behind the scenes

Had a fun time at work this week filming a video for one of our clients. CB and I got a little up close and personal with the camera, which was a bit scary, I'll admit. :) Our client's asst. marketing manager, Kara, sent along these fun pics from the day of the shoot.


October 31st goodness

It's no secret I'm a total Halloween fiend, and this year was no exception to the insanity. My costume was an obvious choice, but I couldn't pass it up. Ended up wearing it all day - at work, during my finance midterm, and at a friend's party. Super fun, but I'll admit it was heavenly to slip on flannel PJs and get my makeup off that night! :)
*Normal, non-pixelated pictures courtesey of Lexi & Red Door Interactive's flickr.


Mountain momma

This past Sunday, CB and I decided to go to Julian to put off work and school for a bit. Sometimes, you've just gotta head up to the mountains to have some crumb apple pie with melted cheddar.

It's so beautiful to go to Julian in the fall - it's always bustling at this time with apple picking. We caught the Oktoberfest when we were there, which turned out to be one small block of bake sales and cute middle-aged couples doing German folk dances. We also did some wine tasting, and sneaked out of the tasting room to enjoy our wine outside at a picnic bench. Just what the doctor ordered.

Going mad at The Ace

Hello again! It's getting to be awhile in between blog posts, but such is life with work and school. :) Went to a Mad Men party at The Ace a few weeks back, and just got the pictures developed. Apparently I was too distracted to take any photos! Oh well, was fun to celebrate my friend Whitney's 40th - I was impressed by how perfectly early-60s everyone was dressed. So much better when people go all out!


currently reading: emma

It's embarrassing to admit I've seen at least 4 adaptations of Emma on stage and screen, and yet I've somehow never read it! Until now, that is. I'm thankful for vacations because I get the chance to read some yummy fiction, guilt-free. Here's hoping Emma and Mr. Knightley get together this time! ;)
*image property of BBC Worldwide


When life gets busy, it's easy to neglect our creative selves in favor of practical, day to day tasks. But in doing so, we're starving our brains of the free-form time it needs to effectively process and integrate information. In more fluffy terms, art helps frame our understanding of the world and subsequently gives our lives meaning.

So let's make more time for fun. :) I totally broke my own rule here by not going to dance class tonight, but I did do some creative writing, which should count!


Yipes, it's finals time for my first semester of grad school. The weather is so gorgeous and I want to go to the beach, but that is not to be! So for now, I'll just enjoy the breezy vistas of Greece from my dining room/study room. :)
*images via shannoneileen, sundayinbed, and crystal leung


Saw the latest Jane Eyre adaptation  last night and loved it. So well cast and beautifully shot. Even in moments with very little dialogue, I was so absorbed in Jane's world that I was drinking up every extra minute. Though the purpose of this movie wasn't to hit every single plot point and character in the book, I didn't mind at all. This film stands well on its own.

Some folks thought this version wasn't nearly dark enough, but I didn't seem to take that away myself. Maybe I'm just a wuss for suspense, but I thought the script blended in the book's Gothic elements well. In the medium of film, I think there's a danger of being too heavy-handed with it. I wouldn't want Gothicism to overtake the story and overshadow Jane's thoughtful, progressive insights and the honest, beautiful interplay between the lead characters. Plus, the theme of loneliness and isolation are very present in this film, which although not dark in the Gothic sense, definitely captured the oppressive grayness that I strongly felt in the book. 

The only thing I was disappointed by was that they didn't include the gypsy scene! That's totally the teenager in me that wanted to see it play out, but I can see why they didn't include it. In the book, I was as surprised as Jane was to find out who the gypsy really was, but in the movie, having a guy try to pull off a female gypsy convincingly would just come off comically. 
*Photos: Focus Features


In keeping with our tradition of costume parties, CB and I celebrated my birthday at The Lincoln Room in full presidential attire. Good food, strong drinks, and plenty of stovepipe hats made for a solid evening with friends. Walking downtown in costume was probably my favorite part of the night - Abe's a popular guy with the late-night clubber crowd!


Happy second day of spring! Ahhh. Just for the occasion, we got our first spring rain storm last night. I can't wait to fill my house with flowers.
*Blossoms image by Craig Cloutier, "Woman Reading" by Mary Cassatt (via Harriet Devine).


These images from the latest Toast catalog are absolutely calling my name. Turban headband + red + cafe = me to a T. I'm pretty sure I've worn this exact outfit before, just not in such a stylish European atmosphere. Oh, to be sipping espresso al fresco...


Postcards from Italy

Daydreaming of Italia today in between studying for midterms. Ahh, to be living la dolce vita...
*vintage postcards from The Library of Congress


Happy Valentine's Day, all! :)


Do you wake up some days just feeling extra girly? Maybe it's a rebellion against my short hair, or maybe it's something more physical (ha!), but I just felt like accessorizing and doing some cat-eye makeup yesterday. It's fun to be female. :)
*images from we heart it and I love wildfox (marilyn looks lovely!)


starry starry night

I can't get enough of NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day lately. Whenever I need a pick-me-up, I just stare at their photos at full size and take it in. Pure inspiration. :)