Do you wake up some days just feeling extra girly? Maybe it's a rebellion against my short hair, or maybe it's something more physical (ha!), but I just felt like accessorizing and doing some cat-eye makeup yesterday. It's fun to be female. :)
*images from we heart it and I love wildfox (marilyn looks lovely!)


starry starry night

I can't get enough of NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day lately. Whenever I need a pick-me-up, I just stare at their photos at full size and take it in. Pure inspiration. :)
Is it just me, or is everyone craving a little sunshine and spring post-holiday season? I feel fortunate to live in Southern California where it's been pretty darn sunny as of late (compared to last summer's gloom). My mission this week: to get my butt outside and moving! It's a new year, baby.

*images from Hollie Chastain and design squish


Do you follow The Ballerina Project on Facebook? I'd really like to buy a print of theirs for myself! I love dancers as models. Dance training creates a hyper-awareness of the aesthetics of the body - making for photo subjects who can create amazing angles and a beautiful aspirational quality on film.

The photo below is probably my favorite from the Ballerina Project: classic, black and white New York and dance. Perfect.