Do you wake up some days just feeling extra girly? Maybe it's a rebellion against my short hair, or maybe it's something more physical (ha!), but I just felt like accessorizing and doing some cat-eye makeup yesterday. It's fun to be female. :)
*images from we heart it and I love wildfox (marilyn looks lovely!)


Modern Traditionalist said...

I love Marilyn but that first photo...yowza! She looks incredible!


hip hip gin gin said...

That first photo is probably the best example of eyeliner I've ever seen, stunning.
And yes some days I can't get enough of girly things, and other mornings I wake up and want nothing to do with any of it. I think we all have those two sides, I just try to embrace each one as it comes, and goes.
It is pretty funny to watch I'm sure, the girly days are usually marked by much accessorizing and bow wearing =)

Kimia Kline said...

i always get the urge to wear bright red lipstick when im feeling super girly :)