Saw the latest Jane Eyre adaptation  last night and loved it. So well cast and beautifully shot. Even in moments with very little dialogue, I was so absorbed in Jane's world that I was drinking up every extra minute. Though the purpose of this movie wasn't to hit every single plot point and character in the book, I didn't mind at all. This film stands well on its own.

Some folks thought this version wasn't nearly dark enough, but I didn't seem to take that away myself. Maybe I'm just a wuss for suspense, but I thought the script blended in the book's Gothic elements well. In the medium of film, I think there's a danger of being too heavy-handed with it. I wouldn't want Gothicism to overtake the story and overshadow Jane's thoughtful, progressive insights and the honest, beautiful interplay between the lead characters. Plus, the theme of loneliness and isolation are very present in this film, which although not dark in the Gothic sense, definitely captured the oppressive grayness that I strongly felt in the book. 

The only thing I was disappointed by was that they didn't include the gypsy scene! That's totally the teenager in me that wanted to see it play out, but I can see why they didn't include it. In the book, I was as surprised as Jane was to find out who the gypsy really was, but in the movie, having a guy try to pull off a female gypsy convincingly would just come off comically. 
*Photos: Focus Features


In keeping with our tradition of costume parties, CB and I celebrated my birthday at The Lincoln Room in full presidential attire. Good food, strong drinks, and plenty of stovepipe hats made for a solid evening with friends. Walking downtown in costume was probably my favorite part of the night - Abe's a popular guy with the late-night clubber crowd!