Mountain momma

This past Sunday, CB and I decided to go to Julian to put off work and school for a bit. Sometimes, you've just gotta head up to the mountains to have some crumb apple pie with melted cheddar.

It's so beautiful to go to Julian in the fall - it's always bustling at this time with apple picking. We caught the Oktoberfest when we were there, which turned out to be one small block of bake sales and cute middle-aged couples doing German folk dances. We also did some wine tasting, and sneaked out of the tasting room to enjoy our wine outside at a picnic bench. Just what the doctor ordered.

Going mad at The Ace

Hello again! It's getting to be awhile in between blog posts, but such is life with work and school. :) Went to a Mad Men party at The Ace a few weeks back, and just got the pictures developed. Apparently I was too distracted to take any photos! Oh well, was fun to celebrate my friend Whitney's 40th - I was impressed by how perfectly early-60s everyone was dressed. So much better when people go all out!